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Who was Jesus?

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Who was Jesus?
Who was Jesus?
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Who was Jesus?

Who was Jesus? To Christians, who IS Jesus?

The first two sections below give an outline of what Christians believe.

Because Christians believe we personally relate to Jesus, we also post up individual accounts on what it's like to be a Christian today.

Look at our 'about Us' page for information on how Christians are seeking to live out their faith here in Swindon.

You can find out more by clicking on the rejesus site. www.rejesus.com

JESUS is Lord

Christians believe:
There is one all-powerful God who created the universe
God sent His son Jesus to live on earth
Jesus was wholly human and at the same time God
Jesus lived and taught and showed by example the love of God for all people
Jesus was put to death
Jesus rose from death after three days and was seen by many people
Jesus ascended into heaven
Jesus is alive in the world today
The Holy Spirit comes to all who ask to be their guide and helper
God forgives our sins and gives us a new start
Christians are called to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ
Christians are called to share the love of God with the people of the world.

Revd Dick Gray, United Reformed Church
July 2006