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Green Energy Affinity Scheme

Most electricity in this country is produced from coal and gas, with a smaller proportion from nuclear sources.
There are a number of green energy companies. Some produce electricity from 100% renewable sources, such as wind, sun and small-scale water power schemes. Others have a special green tariff, which is invested in developing green schemes further. A few, like Scottish Power, use large-scale hydro-electric schemes (which have effects on the environment) as one of their means of production.

Changing to a green electricity supplier

Swindon Churches Together has entered an Affinity Scheme with Good Energy. Good Energy produces its electricity from 100% renewable sources.

This is an opportunity for the churches to buy electricity produced in a way that does not damage the environment. It will help to increase the amount of renewable electricity generated nationally, and so help to reduce global warming. Currently, most electricity is produced by burning coal, gas and oil, which are causing pollution and heating up the planet. Climate change is already causing great hardship in the poorest parts of the world.

Frequently asked questions are on the following page.

Or follow this LINK to Good Energy's website for further details of how to switch.  Good Energy should pick up that you have contacted them because of the Affiliate scheme with SCT.